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We have been working hard to get some new great-tasting and good-looking products to add to our Holiday offering

Savory Tarts


Savory tarts

Specialty Canapes

Shepherd’s Pie

Chocolate Peppermint Panna Cotta tart
Butter Blend Shells

In keeping with our commitment to the classics, each of these new products is made in a simple and honest fashion – we only use premium natural ingredients, no artificial preservatives, colours, chemical additives – just real food, fashioned with real food’s natural beauty.

Tartine Tarts

We produce premium frozen pastry products — exceptional  quality, great taste, and good looks.


We started with heritage recipes that have been used in our family for 3 generations.  Innovating on those  tried and true treasured recipes, we now produce a variety of savory and sweet pastry in various shapes and sizes, filled with real food with real taste – no chemical preservatives, no additives.  Learn more